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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today I completed the very rough draft of an rpg rule-book I've been working on for quite a while now. It's a martial arts sourcebook for the PDQ system, currently only titled PDQ-Fu. Essentially it'll provide a set of rules for games focused on the martial arts genre for "power levels" ranging from essentially realistic all the way up to ridiculous cosmic-scale face-punching. While I work on editing the text and working on the final layout I'll be playtesting the game over the course of a few months with my local group. I'm hoping to record these sessions and make them available online to give folks a good idea of how the system looks in actual play. 

Nearly wiped out that same group by accident today, sprung a random encounter on them that went south fast (an attack by a cluster of Lightning Elementals). A series of bad rolls left one party member hanging upside down over the side of the airship, held up only be a rope that was looped around their foot with a measly five hit points left. This was the merciful option. Fortunately the encounter was cut short before a Total Party Kill occurred without relying too heavily on DM fiat.

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