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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting Started

   So...how does one start one of these? Just shouting "HELLO INTERNET!" into the wind?


  No, no that was weird. Especially since no-one but me even knows of the existence of this site at the time I'm writing this. Probably shouldn't think too hard on this. Stage fright is bad enough in real life, here on the web the audience consists of hundreds of millions of strangers who may or may not be wearing pants at the moment.

  So, assuming you didn't happen to stumble here through some random Google-trek you probably know me as the author of the webcomic Beyond Reality, which I have recently begun updating after a lengthy hiatus. The comic will be updating in batches at the start of each month. I'll even be doing some tinkering with the archives, redrawing the earlier, uglier pages one by one.

 Look closely and you may spot the subtle differences.

  So, seeing as I'll be posting new comic pages only once a month this blog will let me share my questionable genius with the internet during the long wait in between. Posts may include art I've drawn outside the normal comic, rough sketches for upcoming pages, things I find amusing, and even occasionally getting up on a soapbox (although only in regard to trivial topics that I care far too deeply about).


  No real schedule to the updates here, I'll post whenever I have something amusing and/or interesting I feel like sharing. Probably will be a fair number of posts in the first month or so as I burn through the ideas already puttering around in my head. For the first post lets go with some art. As part of Beyond Reality's newest update I changed the first page in my archive. Here's some larger versions of the art that was included in that first page.

  These were a lot of fun to draw so you may be seeing more insane critters from this mad, apocalyptic future. Finally, here's a bit of a bonus. This is the linework for a comic that was completely forgotten. It would probably have fit in right before the latest batch of updates but by the time I remembered this was something I had drawn it was too late to work it in.

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