Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Busy

No new posts recently, been busy packing up all the things and moving them to a new place. There's nothing like moving to make you realize just how filthy things have gotten when you weren't looking. So, I'll get back into the swing of things next month once we're re-situated.

In the meantime, check this out if you want something to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I thought of it first: Stick Warriors Omega Supreme (Ultra)

Bleegh. Just a warning. This post is being made at 4:00 AM while in the month-long process of getting ready to move and suffering from the combined effects of a 4-day cold and insomnia. It may be entirely incoherent.

Side-note: You know you've finally reached "adulthood" when you and your wife get really excited about finding a cheap bottle of nasal spray that works really well to clear up your mutual congestion.

So, this installment of "great ideas that I will never be able to produce" comes courtesy of several days spent playing Angry Birds (I just got my first smartphone) and fevered ideas that grip your mind when you're tossing and turning in bed trying not to wake your wife while you figure out why you can't get back to sleep even though you're exhausted.

The idea being an epic stick figure fighting game. Now, I know that's hardly original. The web loves epic stick figures, everyone knows that.

I could literally watch this all day.

So, that's clearly not a new what have I got? Well, basically a (hopefully) more unique interface and battlefield. The battlefield being a lot like angry birds, constructed of blocks and shapes of varying materials and durability along with a physics engine to let said materials be knocked around the battlefield. It sounds cool already doesn't it?

Well, lets combine that with a simple way to create your own custom attacks. First premise...every attack has identical DPS (damage per second). You can choose to create a spray of rapid light attacks or one big heavy attack (which is just the difference between rapid tapping or holding down the attack button to "charge") and it all ultimately evens out, assuming all attacks hit. So damage isn't customizable. But just about everything else about the attack is: range (from melee to long range), penetration (to determine how easily it "punches through" materials), width (how "big" the attack is), burst (explosive power at the end of the attack's range) and knockback (how easily the attack sends your opponents and materials flying). All of these can be simply set to sliders or a point/dot/star system that has to balance out for each attack. Each player gets a small pool of attacks (say 4) that they can customize and save, plus one "limit break" special attack that can be charged up or gotten via power-up that either gives you more dots or lets you add weird special features (like homing attacks or damaging status effects, etc).

Now, try and picture what that would look like. You've got a big, wide open battlefield that's both destructible and movable and a nearly endless variety of attacks customized through a few simple values. One guy can spray blasts that cut through stone while the other sends a fireball that blows up and sends everything flying into the stratosphere. Charge up and drive an energy ball deep into the ground where it detonates and collapses the battlefield, then you both burst out and continue whaling on each other. In fact, there should be a mode entirely without health bars. Just two people fighting until they run out new ideas for combos or someone gets carpal tunnel. Record the whole thing as a two-hour youtube epic of stick carnage.

And of course there'd be plenty of opportunity for downloadable content, you could easily have simple costumes, or themes for your attacks (instead of generic bolts or energy balls one guy has guns, another attacks with ice claws!), and of course new levels and so on.

But, of course like I said this is possible the worst mental condition to come up with new ideas in (or is it...the best!?) and there's a pretty good chance that someone could point to 4 or 5 things out there that basically already do what I just described. But here's hoping I'm creative.