Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Character Gallery I: The Iron Chaplain

So, just a random idea. I'd like to update more often but I'm often short on time and/or dry on ideas. What I can generally count on is coming up with lots and lots of ideas for NPC and PC characters for games I may or may not ever run. So, I figure starting up a semi-regular posting of random characters I have used or will in the future. Since they're my favorite systems you can probably expect a lot of Savage Worlds and PDQ characters but I promise I'll try and mix it up.

The Iron Chaplain

The Iron Chaplain is a warforged battle-cleric from my Eberron campaign, the War of the Forge. He was a well known war-hero of Thrane during the Last War, and a cleric of the Silver Flame. However, after the war he became disillusioned by the treatment warforged received in Thrane and left the country. He has reappeared as one of the Lord of Blade's trusted lieutenant's and one of the spiritual leaders of the Mournlands warforged. Like most of the warforged followers of the Lord Of Blades he has taken a "weapon name" and now goes by "Morningstar"

Although devoted to the cause of the Lord of Blades the Iron Chaplain is still a fairly noble soul, a believer in mercy and loyalty. He is a strict follower of the "laws of war" and when he takes the battlefield he fights fairly and treats prisoners and civilians with respect. He is often a voice of reason and temperance among the more bloodthirsty warforged who surround the Lord of Blades.

When I introduced the Chaplain I had converted Eberron to Savage Worlds, so here are his Savaged Stats:

Agility-d6, Smarts-d6, Spirit-d12, Strength-d10, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d12, Notice-d6, Faith-d12, Knowledge (Battle) d8
Pace: 6”, Parry:8, Toughness: 11 (4)
Edges: Nerves of Steel, Charismatic
*Enchanted Mithril Plating +4 armor, grants Arcane Resistance
*Enchanted greatmace (1d10+1d8+2) 2 AP vs rigid armor
*Powers: 35 PP. Powers: Boost Trait, Armor, Blade Barrier (damaging barrier), Dispel, Mending, Smite, Stun, Summon Ally (Sentinel), Divine Power (boosts Vigor and Spirit and acts as 4 levels of Growth. 12 power points to cast).