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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"I Thought of This First" and randomly generated content

If I'm ever feeling creative or come up with a novel idea I can always count on the internet to take me down a peg. With so many ideas and so many creative minds out there it's pretty much inevitable that someone else has not only come up with the same idea but they've probably done it bigger, better or more successfully. I even ran into this issue creating this blog. The 'zombie toast' thing is something based on a doodle I did about six years ago and it's pretty bizarre and random so I figure it'll be distinctive. As I'm setting up the blog I see someone else has taken the zombietoast domain here and a quick Google even shows that there's a website dedicated to crafting zombie-toast figurines. Heck, I'm reading through someone's blog today and I see someone has posted in the comments under the name "Orion" with an avatar icon of a piece of bread and I promptly slam my head on my desk.

The only way to keep from weeping quietly in a corner is to make peace with the fact that eventually someone will come up with that same genius idea you did and you'll probably only find out about it long after the fact. However, rather than go quietly into the dark night of the internet I've chosen to create a repository of my random ideas. These are ideas for inventions, entertainment or other general concepts that I have neither the initiative, skills nor resources to pursue myself. They're simply here so that when those same ideas inevitably show up somewhere else I can always take comfort in knowing that I thought of it first. 

The first entry: an idea for a documentary show "Kings of America". Researchers look into the hundreds of royal lines that have now gone defunct, exiled or otherwise gone extinct. They could trace the lineage of to the most eligible modern descendant (obviously there's no need for them to be in America but I think it's a neat name). Show representatives arrange to meet with them so we can see where the royal line finally ended up. Perhaps even arrange for a sightseeing trip for the "winner" to the country where their ancestors reigned. 

The second part of the post today is from something I ran across reading the gaming blog DnD with porn stars. One of the posts was a challenge: roll a 10 sided dice, consult a chart and use that as the subject of your blog post. I figured why not? 

So...rolled a 9...that means "Google up a random mini, then describe this fellow or lass as an NPC. Give us some hooks for him or her."

Okay...googling...lets look for something past the first page and....no batman won't work...here we go:
Obviously a cleric (especially if you play pathfinder), but let's reinterpret things a bit.

Tasha Gilder (Fighter/Rogue)
Tasha is a brazen robber and tomb-vulture. That golden symbol? That'll fetch a hefty price once she finds the right collector. Tasha's more of a dungeon-delver than a sneak-thief though (focusing on skills with locks and traps over stealth, hence the heavier armor and bright colors) and even takes a perverse delight in snatching loot from people directly rather than clambering through musty tombs herself. So adventurers would be wise to stay on guard when they emerge with their hard earned haul from deep within forgotten crypts. Tasha might be waiting with a band of expendable thugs to snatch your prize for herself.

Image is from: http://www.purplepawn.com/2011/05/pathfinder-prepainted-plastic/

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