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Friday, July 22, 2011

I Thought of it First II: Zombies vs Brainzilla

This installation of IToiF is based around an idea I've had for some time for a video game. I just know some day I'll be browsing Steam sales, I'll see this game and then I'll be forced to go on a Kill Bill style quest for revenge. But until then let me share it with you.

Zombies vs. Brainzilla is essentially a strategy game centered around the idea that there is a simultaneous zombie apocalypse and alien invasion. Brainzilla, the mightiest brain in the cosmos, lands on earth inside of his massive armored Think Tank right in the middle of an uprising of the walking dead. Possessing the largest and mightiest brain in the universe of course he's the natural target for zombies while humanity has to try and survive both.

Each faction provides interesting ideas for different strategies. Zombies are individually weak and slow but they infect anything they damage, spread through enemy populations rapidly and take a lot of damage to put down. Zombies could spawn from graveyards, hospitals or other large populated buildings in a steady stream. Missions could feature adding "upgraded" zombies (animal zombies, armored zombies, super zombies) by invading zoos, military bases or nuclear power plants. Brainzilla is a single, powerful and tough enemy that has the ability to use mind control to take control of human units (not zombies however). Brainzilla's strategy would revolve around surrounding himself with meat-shields long enough to build up his technological defenses. Humans would be forced to survive both forces without succumbing to the control of one or the other.

Anyway, that's my idea. This idea of mine.

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