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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Savage Eberron Part 2


Background Edges
Arcane Background
   Unlike other Background Edges you may purchase the Arcane Background Edge after character creation. It is also possible to purchase more than one Arcane Background but each has a separate "pool" of Power Points which can only be used for powers from that particular Arcane Background. When purchasing Edges like Extra Power, Extra Power Points, Rapid Recharge, etc the Edge must be purchased for a specific Arcane Background and only provides its benefit for that particular background. Information on the different Arcane Backgrounds in Eberron is found in the Powers section.   

Improved Plating
Requirements: Warforged
   You were built with superior materials which improves your natural armor. However the heavier plating can encumber you if you are not strong enough. 
  • Darkwood: Your armor bonus increases to +2. You suffer no additional encumbrance and your wooden body does not hinder druidic spellcasting and means you are not particularly vulnerable to effects that target metal. 
  • Mithral: Your armor bonus increases to +3. This adds 25 lbs of additional weight which cannot be removed. 
  • Adamantine: Your armor bonus increases to +4 and negates 1 point of AP. This adds an additional 60 lbs of weight which cannot be removed.
Elite Shifting
Requirements:  Shifter
   Your lycanthropic bloodline is exceptionally potent and when you are shifting the change is more noticeable and intense. When shifting the associated Attribute increases by 2 steps rather than just one and the duration is doubled. You also gain 1 point of armor against any non-silver weapons while shifting. 

Combat Edges

Requirements: Veteran, Vigor d10+, Warforged
   You have purged all organic material from your system. You become a full Construct (increasing the bonus to recovering from Shaken by 1 and ignoring extra damage from called shots). However you can no longer benefit from any magical healing that is meant to work on living creatures or benefit from any ingested magical items or substances (such as potions). Your Charisma also decreases by 2. You still suffer Wound penalties (their joints and metal "muscles" are delicate enough to be hindered by damage) but the penalty is decreased by 1.
Powerful Charge
Requirements: Novice, Strength d8+, Fighting d6+
   If you Run and make a Fighting attack at the end of the Run (taking the normal multi-action penalty) then you inflict an additional 1d6 damage. 

Improved Powerful Charge
Requirements: Seasoned, Powerful Charge, Fighting d8+
   As above but the additional damage increases to +1d10

Unstoppable Juggernaut
Requirements: Seasoned, Powerful Charge, Warforged, Vigor 1d6+
   You may Run and make a Fighting attack you suffer no multi-action penalty, in fact if you move at least 6" you receive a +2 bonus to your Fighting roll. These benefits only apply if you move in a single straight line.

Professional Edges

   Champion functions normally, however those with the Druid edge (see below) may choose to use apply the benefits of the Champion Edge when battling creatures from Xoriat and those touched by its corruption. 

Requirements: Novice, AB (Miracles), Spirit d8+, Knowledge (nature) d8+
   Druids are spellcasters who call upon the forces of nature rather than gods. This edge represents initiation into one of the ancient druidic orders and access to the raw power of nature. Druids receive a +2 bonus to Knowledge (Nature) rolls and any Persuasion or Intimidate rolls made against natural animals. They also add the following spells to the available spell list for the normal Miracles Arcane Background: Beast Friend, Burrow, Elemental Manipulation, Entangle (plant based trappings) and Shapechange (natural animals only). They may also purchase the Barrier, Bolt and Blast powers with elemental rather than Holy trappings. In addition druids may choose a druidic order which grants additional benefits (a druid may choose to be unaffiliated but they lose any additional benefits). 
  • Ashbound: Associating with and aiding those with AB (Magic) is considered a sin. Tolerating the advance of civilization into natural territory is also sinful. You receive a +1 bonus to rolls made to resist Powers from that Arcane Background and +1 to toughness against damaging powers from the AB.
  • Child of Winter: You may add +2 to your Faith roll when casting Beast Friend and Shapechange so long as you are targeting or transforming into an insect or arachnid (normal or giant size). Children of Winter cannot use the spells Healing or Greater Healing and attempting to save the life of another is a sin.
  • Gatekeeper: When using an offensive Power against a being from Xoriat (or creatures warped by Xoriat) then you receive a +2 bonus to the Faith roll. Permitting the spread of Xoriat or the harmful influence of other planes on Eberron is a sin.
  • Greensingers: +2 to any Knowledge rolls related to other planes and +2 Charisma when dealing with creatures from other planes. It is a sin to attempt to sunder the connection between planes. 
  • Warden of the Woods: When fighting in a forest all attacks against you suffer a -1 penalty. +1 to Climbing and Swimming. Causing conflict between nature and civilization is sinful. 
Exorcist of the Silver Flame
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+, AB (Miracle), Holy Warrior, Faith d8+, Silver Flame worshiper.
   Silver Flame Exorcists are the greatest champions against demons and spirits of darkness. When using their Holy Warrior ability an Exorcist can spend an additional Power Point to inflict a -2 penalty to the target's Spirit roll. The Exorcist may also bless a particular weapon to serve the power of the Silver Flame. The weapon must be in the Exorcist's possession for at least 24 hours and the Exorcist can only have one such weapon at a time. The weapon is treated as magical and silver and receives a +1 bonus to damage in the Exorcist's hands.
Extreme Explorer
Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6+, Climbing d6+, Notice d6+ Survival d8+, Swimming d6+
   Extreme Explorers are dedicated to exploring the dark, lost places of Eberron. They receive +2 to Climbing and Swimming rolls and a +2 bonus to any Agility rolls to avoid hazards or traps (natural or man-made) and a +2 to Vigor rolls made to resist poisons and diseases. 

Weird Edges

Least Dragonmark
Requirements: Novice
  You have manifested a dragonmark somewhere on your body. The Dragonmark is effectively a minor Arcane Background which grants a single Power. Rather than using a Spellcasting skill the Dragonmark's Power may activated with a Spirit roll. You may select a single power from the Dragonmark's list and receive 10 Power Points which recharge at the normal rate. The Dragonmark also provides a bonus to a single Skill roll.  (note: on review there is barely any thematic difference between the Mark of Detection and the Mark of Finding and in a system without much granularity like Savage Worlds it becomes even harder to tell the difference. Thus for these purposes I am removing house Medani and simply assuming Tharashk fills both roles. Also restricting it to just Orcs because Humans have plenty already).
  • Finding (Orc): Detect X. You may select one substance, force or type of being (common examples are magic, metal, poison, undead, etc) when purchasing this Edge. The power functions as Detect Arcana except that it can be used to detect through barriers: (Smarts) feet of wood or dirt and (Smarts) inches of stone. More than an inch of metal blocks the power. It cannot be reversed to conceal. +1 to Notice.
  • Handling (Human): Beast Friend or Slumber (animals only). +1 to Riding.
  • Healing (Halflings): Heal or Succor. +1 to Heal.
  • Hospitality (Halflings): Unseen Servant (creates an invisible servant with a d4 in all Attributes and no skills, 1 PP, 1 hour duration/1 PP per additional hour) or purify food and drink (one meal's worth per PP, acts as a dispel against magical contamination). +1 to Persuasion. 
  • Making (Humans): Mending (see Powers) or Armor (only increases the Toughness of objects but duration is in hours rather than rounds). +1 to Repair. 
  • Passage (Humans): Speed or Summon Ally (can only summon horses or other riding animals). +1 to Survival.
  • Scribing (Gnomes): Arcane mark (1 PP, creates a permanent symbol), Speak Language or Whispering Wind (message of up to 25 words. Range is 1 mile per PP spent). +1 to a single Knowledge skill of choice.
  • Sentinel (Humans): Armor or Deflection. +1 to Intimidate. 
  • Shadow (Elf): Obscure (darkness) or Disguise. +1 on Investigation.
  • Storm (Half-Elf): Obscure (fog) or Gust of Wind (Burst but can only Shake. Shaken targets are knocked 1d4" away plus 1d4" for each Wound that would have been inflicted). +1 to Boating.
  • Warding (Dwarves): Arcane Lock (seals a door magically to all but designated targets. Increases Toughness by half Spirit. 3 PP. Permanent) or Alarm (creates a magical trap which creates either a loud noise. 1 PP per 1" area warded. Permanent or until triggered). +1 to Lockpicking.
Lesser Dragonmark
Requirements: Seasoned, Least Dragonmark
  Lesser Dragonmark functions allows you to select a new Dragonmark Power either a second power from the Least Dragonmark or a new Power from the list below. The power point supply for Dragonmark powers increases to 15 and the you gain a +1 bonus to Spirit rolls to activate your Dragonmark powers.
  • Finding: See Invisibility (2 PP. Duration 3 (1/rnd). Allows you to ignore invisibility or blurring Powers) or Locate Creature/Object (designate a specific creature, a specific object or a class of objects and it will provide a sense of the correct direction so long as the target is within 150 yards. 3 PP, duration 1 minute (1/minute)). 
  • Handling: Boost/Lower Traits (animals only) or Summon Ally (animals only). 
  • Healing: Boost Traits or Wound Transfer (5 PP. Suffer unsoakable Wounds to heal a like amount of Wounds to touched target.). 
  • Hospitality: Create Food and Water (2 PP per meal's worth of food) or Secure Shelter (as Environmental protection but shields and immovable Large Burst). 
  • Making: Creation (creates an object. Cost is per 5 pounds based on material 1 PP for wood, cloth or soft materials, 2 PP for stone, 3 PP for metal. duration: 1 hour plus base PP cost per additional hour) or Barrier (formed of physical materials).
  • Passage: Teleport or Levitate (as Flight but only allows movement up and down. PP cost is 2/4).
  • Scribing: Illusory Script (5 PP. Creates a special runic message that only specific targets can read. All others must make a Spirit roll at -2 or forget about the existence of the message entirely. Duration: Smarts days) or Relay Message (4 PP +1 PP per mile. Allows conversation between you and a willing, known subject. duration: 1 minute (1/minute)). 
  • Sentinel: Magic Resistance (4 PP. duration: 3 (1/rnd). grants Arcane Resistance or improved arcane resistance on a raise) or Barrier (glowing force wall). 
  • Shadow: Illusion (4 PP +size. Creates an illusion of a creature or object. Animating the illusion requires an action. Duration: 3 (1/rnd)) or Scrying (4 PP. Scries on a known or named target. Duration 3 (1/rnd)). 
  • Storm: Sleet Storm (6 PP. combines the effects of Obscure and Entangle) or Wind's Favor (3 PP. creates a strong wind which can help or hinder ships. +2 or -2 to pilot or boating rolls. Duration 1 hour (1/hour)). 
  • Warding: Concealment (works as Conceal Arcana but protects against any form of magical detection automatically. targets a single creature or object) or Warding Glyph (creates a magical trap. When triggered it explodes in a Small Burst for 3d6 damage. 10 PP. permanent until triggered). 
Greater Dragonmark
Requirements: Veteran, Lesser Dragonmark
  The power point supply for your Dragonmark increases to 20 PP and the bonus to your Spirit roll to activate the power increases by 1 to +2. You may choose a new Dragonmark Power from either the Least or Lesser list or from the list below.
  • Finding: True Seeing (5 PP. Duration: 3 (1/rnd). You are immune to any and all illusion-based effects). 
  • Handling: Growth (animals only).
  • Healing: Greater Healing
  • Hospitality: Heroes Feast (Functions as Boost Trait but benefits up to 1 person per PP spent. Duration is 8 hours and the feast takes 30 minutes to consume).
  • Making: Fabrication (constructs an object from raw materials instantly. Cost is per 50 pounds of the final object. 1 PP for wood, 4 PP for stone or 8 PP for metal). 
  • Passage: Fly or Greater Teleport (triple normal cost but distance is in units of 100 miles or 150 miles on a raise. Carrying multiple passengers also does not cause fatigue). 
  • Scribing: Sending (sends a message any distance to a known, named or described target of up to 50 words. The subject may respond in a like manner. -2 if the subject is on another plane. 10 PP).
  • Shielding: Invulnerability (10 PP. You may make a free Soak roll against all damage. Duration 3 (1/rnd). 
  • Shadow: Prying Eye (summons 1 invisible floating eye per PP. The eyes have all stats at a d4 and an Stealth and Notice skill of 1d12 and can fly at 12". All they see is transmitted back to the caster. Duration: 3 (1/rnd)) or Summon Ally (formed of illusion and shadowstuff). 
  • Storm: Control Weather (summons or disperses a specific weather phenomena over the next 10 minutes which lasts for 4d12 hours (this can Ace). Particularly rare or violent weather inflicts a -4 penalty. 20 PP).
  • Warding: Greater Warding Glyph (20 PP. The glyph can produce the effect of any other offensive spell that requires 6 PP or less. The spell is triggered when the trap is set off). 
Legendary Edges

Heir of Syberis
Requirements: Legendary, may not have a dragonmark already
   You manifest a Syberis Dragonmark of incredible power. You receive an additional Benny every session and you may activate your Dragonmark by spending a Benny. The effects of the dragonmark depend on the type:
  • Finding: You may determine the exact current location of an individual or object. No form of defense can block this detection. You must either have seen the creature or object or have a possession of theirs in hand.
  • Handling: You may summon a natural animal of enormous size. The animal is a Wild Card who has been subjected to Growth until they reach Size +6. The animal always has the Hardy trait and serves you loyally for 5 minutes. 
  • Healing: You automatically heal a single creature 2 wounds, cure the effects of a disease or poison or raise a single creature from the dead (so long as they have not been dead longer than 1 hour).
  • Hospitality: You may create an area of enforced peace, centered on you. The area is up to 20" in radius and anyone within the area or trying to harm a creature within the area must make a Spirit roll at -4 to go through with the action. Once someone in the area has been harmed it breaks the spell, otherwise it lasts for 1 hour. 
  • Making: You may make up to 500 pounds of organic materials, 250 pounds of stone or crystal, or 125 pounds of metal. The material lasts for one hour and can take any shape you wish. 
  • Passage: You may teleport yourself and up to your Spirit in additional passengers anywhere in the world so long as the destination is at least described accurately to you.
  • Scribing: You may create a special rune that lasts until touched or read. Once activated the character who activated the rune must make a Spirit roll at -2 or become instantly Incapacitated (rolling Vigor as normal). 
  • Sentinel: You may surround yourself in mystical armor. This raises Strength and Vigor by 2 steps and grants +4 armor and +4 to any rolls to resist magical effects. This lasts 10 minutes. 
  • Shadow: You may create an illusionary double woven from shadows. The double has identical stats except it is an Extra and it is Ethereal. The double cannot directly affect the physical world or manifest any powers that you may possess. While the double exists you cannot move or take any other actions and you can see and hear everything around the double. If the double is destroyed then you are Shaken.
  • Storm: You create a tremendous thunderstorm in the sky above you. Each round you may target any creature you can see with a lightning bolt (use Spirit in place of an attack sill). The bolt inflicts 3d6 damage. The storm endures for 10 minutes but you can only summon a number of bolts equal to your Spirit. 
  • Warding: You create a barrier of dazzling magical energy. This functions as a Barrier spell (the barrier has Spirit x2 1" sections) with a Toughness of 15 and Heavy Armor. The barrier also inflicts 2d8 damage to anyone who touches it. 

Next update will include powers and arcane backgrounds. 

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