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Monday, October 31, 2011

I Thought Of It First IV: MMO Halloween

Random thought I had today as we're preparing for the potential onslaught of trick-or-treaters while also discussing some Halloween events run by MMOs and it occurred to me that the two could be combined.

Imagine this. An MMO such as WoW partners up with a major candy company, the ones that produce big-bags-o-candy for Halloween. Now, in these bags you've got the individually wrapped little candies but you can also put small printed codes. Go online, log in and enter the code and you get a random reward determined by the code. It could be a small amount of in-game cash, a small bit of XP or maybe a randomly generated item (ranging from trash to uber-rare toys). That way the kid who comes to your door is not only getting his yearly sugar injection but if he plays WoW (or some other MMO), which statistically he probably does) then he'll get a little something extra.

Of course, one side-effect you'll probably see is adult gamers hitting up the stores around Halloween to take advantage of the promotion by buying up big sacks of candy. I wonder what candy companies would do about that? Probably just count the money and laugh maniacally.

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