Friday, October 14, 2011

Awesome RPG Papercrafts

For a long time I was a big fan of papercrafts. I've still got several bins full of little paper minis and terrain stashed away. I've since moved to using Maptools as a digital tabletop. However, papercraft is still a lot of fun and can be a great tool for people who like physical minis. I've been browsing papercraft collections and I figured I'd provide a set of links to a various great RPG-able (and free) papercrafts out there: This is a papercraft blog dedicated to RPG minis and it has some really great stuff, the latest being a set of elementals (I especially like the air elemental). One Monk has some really great miniatures and a terrific gallery of free papercraft models. The Cthulhu model (pictured) is one of my favorites but they also have a great dwarven steam tank and a purple worm that are equally impressive. Some modern buildings that work great for military games, superheroes or urban fantasy. Some simple, easy-to-make and quick dungeon and structure models. a good selection of random, free terrain/buildings castles built from toothpicks, wood and paper some really high quality buildings from WoTC a huge and very impressive castle with plenty of other material throughout the site

One of the best general resources for papercraft on the net is It's not RPG specific but it's a great source of models and is updated with new material constantly.

Of course if you're looking for really high quality papercraft models and are willing to pay a bit then is probably the biggest and best papercraft store I've run into.

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  1. Hello, Orion,

    Thanks for includes Papermau in this nice list! I don`t knew your blog, but I am followingyou now. Soon will make a promotion whrere I will give an original papercraft magazine by spanish publisher Merino for the followers of Papermau. Stay tunned!

    Greetings from Brazil!