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Friday, September 30, 2011

RPG Chopshop VII: Savage Eberron

I've always thought that Eberron and Savage Worlds would make a great match. Let's see what I can throw together.


  • Talented: Humans receive a free Edge and 2 free Skill Points at character creation. 
  • Born Liars: Changelings receive a +1 bonus to Persuasion rolls that involve lying. 
  • Minor Shapechange: Changelings may change their shape in limited ways to appear to be another person or race. The disguise cannot significantly change their Size (no more than one foot larger or taller) but it can be used to appear thinner or fatter, change hair and skin color, change gender, etc. Determining that the changeling's form is false requires a Notice roll at -6. Changelings in an appropriate disguise receive a +2 to any rolls to impersonate specific individuals. This ability cannot grant any racial abilities such as armor, natural attacks, etc. 
  • Tough: Dwarves start with a d6 Vigor rather than a d4. 
  • Infravision: Dwarves suffer only half the normal penalties for darkness.
  • Arcane Resistance: Dwarves receive the Arcane Resistance edge for free. 
  • Slow: Dwarves have a pace of 5".
  • Agile: Elves start with a d6 Agility rather than a d4.
  • Low Light Vision: Elves ignore penalties for Dim or Dark lighting. 
  • Keen Senses: Elves start with a skill of d6 in Notice for free. 
  • Cunning: Gnomes start with a Smarts of d6 rather than d4.
  • Tough: Gnomes begin with a Vigor of d6 rather than d4. 
  • Infravision: Gnomes suffer only half the normal penalties for darkness. 
  • Arcane Talent: Gnomes receive a +2 to resisting any spells with illusion trappings. If they have an arcane background then they receive a +1 bonus to any spellcasting rolls for spells with illusion trappings. 
  • Small: Gnomes have a Size of -1, decreasing their Toughness by 1. 
  • Slow: Gnomes have a Pace of 5"
 Half Elves
  • Talented: Half-elves start with either a bonus Edge or 2 free skill points.
  • Low Light Vision: Half-elves ignore penalties for Dim or Dark lighting. 
  • Natural Charm: Half-elves have +2 to Charisma. 
  • Agile: Halflings begin with a d6 Agility. 
  • Spirited: Halflings begin with a d6 Spirit. 
  • Lucky: Halflings receive an additional Benny every session. 
  • Small: Halflings are Size -1, decreasing their Toughness by 1
  • Willpower: Kalashtar start with a Spirit of d6. 
  • Dual Mind: Kalashtar receive a +1 bonus to resist mental attacks, mind control, possession or any similar effects due to their twin spirits. Kalashtar also do not dream and thus are immune to any powers or abilities that involve dreaming. 
  • Psionic Talent: If the Kalashtar takes the Psionic Arcane Background they receive 5 free Power Points. 
  • Strong : Orcs begin with d6 Strength rather than d4. 
  • Large: Orcs are Size+1 which increases their Toughness by 1. 
  • Infravision: Orcs halve penalties for lighting.
  • Ugly: Orcs have naturally aggressive and rough personalities as well as features most other races find hideous. They suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma. 
    • Agile: Shifters begin with a d6 Agility. 
    • Shifting: By spending a Benny a Shifter can tap into their lycanthropic heritage for a number of rounds equal to their Vigor. Shifting increases one Attribute by one step and grants another ability. During character creation the Shifter must choose one of the following shifting abilities:
      • Beasthide (Vigor): The Shifter's armor increases by 1. 
      • Razorclaw (Strength): The shifter grows claws that can be used as natural weapons inflicting Str+1d4 damage. 
      • Cliffwalk (Agility): The Shifter gains a +2 bonus to Climbing rolls and can climb at double the normal speed (up to their Pace).
      • Longstride (Agility): The character's Pace increases by 1 and their Running die type increases one step. 
      • Wildhunter (Vigor): The shifter's senses heighten granting a +2 bonus to Notice and Tracking rolls. 
    • Living Construct: Warforged receive a +1 to rolls to recover from Shaken. They are also immune to poisons and disease and do not need to sleep or eat. Called shots to the Head or Vitals only inflict +2 additional damage rather than +4. If incapacitated Warforged never Bleed Out. They do not suffer Fatigue.
    • Armor: A warforged's metal and wooden plating grants them +1 armor. 
    • Natural Weapons: A warforged's metal fists inflict Str+1d4 damage. 
    • Outsider: Warforged have a penalty of -2 to Charisma. 
    • Clueless: Warforged are have very little real-world experience and usually are less than 10 years old. They suffer a -2 penalty to Common Knowledge rolls except those related to warfare (which they have a +2 bonus to).
    • Unhealing: Warforged cannot make natural healing rolls and the Heal skill cannot be used to treat them. If Incapacitated a Warforged will cannot recover Injuries until they heal their Wounds and they do not regain consciousness until at least one Wound is healed. Magical healing can be used on them but the caster suffers a -2 penalty to the casting roll. The Repair skill can be used to heal Wounds on warforged as though they were vehicles. 


    All skills in Savage Worlds function normally in Eberron with the following exception:

    Guts: Guts checks are replaced with Spirit rolls.

    EDIT: Forgot about half-orcs. Went ahead and just made them orcs. Since Eberron's orcs aren't the savage pillagers you find in other settings there's not much justification for large numbers of half-orcs and orcs are just as capable of interacting with other races in Eberron.

    EDIT 2: Realized I've been mixing up the Construct and Undead Traits. Apparently Constructs don't get a toughness boost so I adjusted the warforged a bit to reflect that.


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