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Sunday, August 14, 2011

RPG Chopshop III: Savage Worlds Powers

In my time running Savage Worlds and working on the material for The Savage World of Athas I've come up with several custom trappings for various Savage Worlds powers and I figured there's no reason not to share.

Wind Wall (Barrier)
Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 1/section
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 (1 per section per round)

Unlike a normal barrier a wind wall is not solid, but is composed of swirling air. The wind is powerful enough to deflect normal projectiles (such as arrows, spears, or rocks), subtracting 6 from all Shooting or Throwing rolls that must pass through the barrier. Extremely fast (bullets) or massive (hurled boulders) pass through with less interference, inflicting only a -2 penalty. 

Since the wall is not solid people may attempt to leap or run through it but the wall automatically inflicts 2d6 damage on anyone trying to run through. This damage cannot inflict Wounds but anyone Shaken by the damage is tossed 1d4" back from the wall.

Greater Elemental Mastery (elemental Mastery)
Rank: Veteran
Power Points: 3
Range: special
Duration: Special
Trappings: Gestures and chants

Like the normal elemental mastery each element is selected as its own unique power.

Air: The caster may manipulate major air currents, raising wind, changing its direction, or reducing its intensity (this can add or subtract 2 from Driving or Boating rolls for wind powered vehicles). This could also create a small dust storm (Smarts x 10 in diameter) creating the 'dim' condition. These effects have a duration of 1 hour (2/hour). This spell can also be used to instantly negate a non-magical wind-related effect (such as dissapating a sandstorm or tornado). The range of these effects is Smarts x 100".

Earth: Shape stone and earth at will, up to Smarts x 2 cubic feet of material (Smarts x3 for soft earth), for instance a spellcaster with smarts 1d6 could open a 6' hole in a stone wall up to two feet thick. This can also be used to repair stone materials structures and items or shape stone into new forms (a statue, a weapon, spikes, etc.). The effect is instantaneous and has a range of Smarts x2

Fire: With a wave of the hand a torch sized flame can be created which can be held without damage to the caster (duration: 10 minutes (1/10 minutes)). Existing fires can be extinguished, doubled in size and intensity (spotfire becomes a campire, campfire becomes a bonfire, etc.), or even moved at a rate of 2" a round. By concentrating objects can also be heated until they ignite, melt, or shatter (inflicting 1d10 fire damage every round). Both these effects have a duration of 3 rounds (1/round) and a range of Smarts x2.

Water: The caster may create a raincloud, cause an existing cloud to give rain, or increase the intensity of an existing rainstorm. Water can also be made to move at the caster's will, forming into shapes and flowing at a rate of 3" per round. A full pool or pond of water may be purified and made safe for drinking. Duration: 5 minutes (1/minute)

Fireworks (Bolt)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1-6
Range: 12/24/48
Duration: instant

This power functions like Bolt, firing sparking, fizzing missiles that burst upon impact. Each Bolt damages all targets in a Small Burst Radius for 2d4 (or 3d4 for 2 pp per bolt) damage. 

Phantasmal Cannon (Bolt)
Rank: Heroic
Power Points: 3-15
Range: 50/100/200
Duration: instant

One of Max's spells from the Deadlands campaign. The caster conjures several phantom cannons and lets loose with a volley of sparkling mystic shells. Each shot costs 3 Power Points (up to 9 PP for 3 shots) and inflicts 3d6 damage with AP 4. This counts as a Heavy Weapon. For 2 additional power points per shot the damage increases to 3d8.

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