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Friday, August 12, 2011

DICE the RPG: defining terms.

Still mulling over thoughts for DICE. I think I've gotten the bare bones of the core rules set in my mind, although I'm sure they'll need extensive polishing. For now I'll think a bit about each Dice Class and what they can do. First and foremost I'll try and nail down some terminology:

Dice Class: The number of sides your Dice has.
Skills: A skill is a narrow, usually player-defined ability where the Dice is exceptionally talented (i.e. they can take Skilled actions and effectively defend against Skilled actions). Examples: Willpower, Toxin Resistance, Perception, Stealth.
Profession: A Profession basically a big Skill, covering a large number of different Skills at once. Examples: Pirate, Ninja, Doctor, Alchemist.
Traits: While Skills and Professions are player-defined Traits are usually pre-defined. They may be provided by equipment or situation, but usually they'll be selected from a list available to your Dice Class. There are also a few generic Traits available to everyone.

Probably going to have a couple of free Traits at level 1, with an additional Trait earned every level. Skills and Professions will be earned at level 1 based on Dice Class.

d12s receive a single pre-defined skill (Courage)
d10s can select a single Skill of their choice.
d8s can select a single Profession.
d6's can select both a profession and 2-3 skills.
d4's will be able to select 1-2 skills (they get Esoteric abilities automatically however).

I'll probably want to start thinking of some good Traits for the various Dice Classes. We'll see what I come up with.

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