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Monday, June 10, 2013

Look, over there! A distraction!

So, you ever have a ton of stuff that you know you should be doing, stuff that you even really want to get done, but find yourself completely distracted by something new and trivial? Well I'm having that experience today. And I guess I'll go ahead and indulge.

Fortunately I've found a nice place that I'll be living soon, but I won't be moving for a bit less than a month and right now there's not a lot of packing left to do. Everything not currently in a box is something we'll need for the next 25 or so days. So after work I've got a moderate amount of time to myself again.

Now, what I should be doing is working on some updates and editing to Battle Royale. The game is on version 2.5 or three or something like that...adjustments are constantly being made and I'm constantly finding stupid mistakes that need correcting.

However, what has caught my attention is a new idea. A spontaneous burst of fairly random and useless inspiration for a new game system. Yes, another one. I've already got Battle Royale and Olde Skool as well as the half-constructed skeletons of the DICE and DRIVE systems hanging around in my head. Do I really need another micro-project? Apparently, yes.

So, I've decided to put off any new work on Battle Royale or Olde Skool until after I've settled into the new place and had a chance to rest and recover (thank god for new vacation days coming up soon).  Partly this is because even if I don't finish these little projects give me new ideas and new ways of thinking about gaming which can be quite valuable for my larger projects. But I've also found that these bursts of inspiration can be sadly short-lived and if you don't jump when you have them then they might never return. So I'm jumping.

However, I'm going to try and make an effort to complete this one, it's small, it's simple and I find it oddly neat so I'd like to try and at least produce a rough facsimile of a game. To that end I'm harnessing the power of social pressure and posting my progress week by week, both to get possible feedback and to provide additional motivation for me to continue.

So, to that end I will begin posting the progress of my new RPG system...NAME COMING SOON...!

No, seriously. I have no idea what to call it. So far I just refer to it as a caRdPG. Because it uses playing cards you see...I'm not good with names.

Anyway. Expect more details to come.

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