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Saturday, June 22, 2013

CARDS RPG pt 3: One more thing

Okay, before I get to the individual classes there are a few things I guess I forgot. Let me see...

Movement and Range

I didn't really address this in the Struggle rules and I suppose it could use some basic info. First and foremost I should mention that if there's a particular range/movement system you're a fan of then there's not much to stop you from porting it over. Do you want to use a tabletop mini's system? just use the basic Savage Worlds or D&D movement rules. Or if you really like FATE's Zones or what have you then go for it.

For me, I'll stick with something really simple. There are essentially 4 categories of distance:

*In Your Face: This is where most fights take place, within 5-10 feet. Easily enough to duck and weave and punch and swing.
*Close: Anything within 20-30 feet. You can shoot or throw things or cast spells at this distance. Or just run up and get in their face (without taking an action).
*Far Away: 30-150 feet. This is far enough that you can't just run up and sock someone. It's down the street or on top of a roof. You can shoot or cast spells this far but the range makes it Difficult. Movement may involve a Task and will probably involve at least a round or two spent doing nothing but moving.
*Really Far Away: 150+ feet. You can see this far, but generally you can't affect anything directly in most cases. Exceptions are always possible.

Character Basics:

Each character is going to have a few specific traits:

*Class:Your class is the profession that you follow. The standard classes are Warrior, Thief, Mage and Priest. These classes can be mixed up a bit to produce different themes or ideas...but for now I'm keeping things simple. Your class allows you to pick from several Tricks. The individual class entries will have more details. Each class has an associated Suit (Warriors =Clubs, Thieves =Spades, Mages =Diamonds, Priests =Hearts).
*Level: Tied very closely with Class, your level is basically how powerful your character is. I think we all know how this works. Your level determines what Tricks you can select and if you get any new Talents. When playing a card that is associated with your class the Card Value is the value on the card or your level, whichever is higher. So a 4th level Warrior who plays a 2 of Clubs may treat it automatically as a 4, but a 7 of clubs would still be a 7 and spades, diamonds and hearts are unaffected.
*Talents: Talents are special abilities or traits that apply a bonus to specific situation. Whenever one of your Talents applies you can increase the Card Value by 1. See below for more info on talents.



The cards in your hand determine general abilities that anyone can pull off. Your Talents represent specific areas where your character is exceptional. Each character starts play with 3 Talents of their choice. Any time you level up you can redefine a Talent that hasn't really gotten much use and every odd level you can pick a new Talent.
   Whenever you're playing a card for a situation that would be covered by one of your Talents then you can add +1 to the Card Value. Multiple Talents can cause your bonuses to add up pretty quickly.

Players define their own Talents, within limits. There are 3 basic categories of Talents:

*Specialization: This is a very specific set of actions or skills. For example: Picking Locks, Breaking Things, Dodging, Keen Eyes, etc.
*Tool: A particular object or weapon that your character is uniquely able with. Ex: My Father's Bow, Hitting People With Furniture, My Running Shoes, Sexy Pants.
*Foe/Situation: A particular category or targets or situation where you're exceptionally talented. This must be paired with a type of action. "While Underground" is too broad, "Fighting While Underground" works. Ex: Intimidating Criminals, Fighting While Screaming, Sneaking Through The City, Slaying Orcs.


If you want to play a race other than humans then Talents are the way to go. Any particular traits you feel you should have because of your Race can probably be represented by one of your three starting Talents. Dwarves might have Talents like Fighting With Axes, Battling Goblins, or Resisting Magic, for example.



Still haven't worked this out yet. probably just a very simple XP system, or a level per X adventures.

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