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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CARDS The RPG, part 4: The Warrior

The Warrior will be the first class I'm tackling here. Although generally speaking I'm trying to keep things flexible and not box them into a certain category of fighting...but generally speaking the Warrior is still going to be more about dealing out and receiving massive amounts of damage. This may involve dual-wielding, berserk fury, clanking around in heavy armor, what have you. I'm not certain about archery yet...I may make ranged attacks a function of Spades.
   The way I figure it each class has a few "core" starting Tricks, and then you can pick one of two Tricks every level. It seems like a good way to promote flexibility. I only have to come up with 20 Tricks for each Class, but that gives 100 different combinations per class. To try and keep each class with a strong theme each Trick will be drawn from a category. Lets see how it works out for the Warrior.

Starting Tricks

*Well-Armed: When attacking with a weapon, the Warrior can add +2 to the damage of a successful attack in a Struggle.

*Courageous: No matter how they choose to fight, a warrior fights with courage. They add +2 to any rolls made to resist intimidation, fear, or poor morale.

Warrior Tricks
Warrior Tricks are divided into two basic categories: Offense (+) or Defense (-). As the Warrior levels up they can choose to focus one or the other or balance the two aspects of battle as they wish.

Level 1:
-Wild Swing: Before making an attack, you can choose to add +3 to the damage if it is successful but the attack becomes Difficult.
+Stand Strong: When defending using Clubs, you may add +2 to your Card Value.

Level 2:
 -Thwack!: When you make a successful attack using Clubs you may discard a card and add +2 to the Card Value.
+Shield Bash: On a successful defense using Hearts you may discard a Clubs card to stun your opponent, making all their rolls Difficult until the start of their next turn.

Level 3:
-War Cry: On your turn you may play a Clubs card. For a number of rounds equal to the Card Value you and your allies may add +1 to the Card Value of any Clubs actions.
+Second Wind: You may play a Hearts card and take a number of cards equal to the Card Value from the discard pile and swap them for cards in your hand.

Level 4:
-Keep On Swinging: When you successfully make a Clubs attack you may make an immediate, free attack against a different enemy that you could theoretically attack this round. If the second attack is successful the Warrior can continue chaining attacks until they miss or there are no enemies who they haven't already attacked.
+Iron Jaw: On a failed defense using Hearts you can play a Clubs card to reduce the damage by the Card Value. 

Level 5:
-Critical Strike: When attacking with Clubs you may play an additional Clubs card and add the card’s value to damage if the attack is successful. 
+Wall of Steel: Your defense is unbeatable. So long as you discard a card at the start of your turn any attacks against you become Difficult

Level 6:
-Ferocity: When you draw a card, if it isn't a Clubs card you may immediately discard it and draw a new card. You can keep doing this until you get a Clubs card. 
+The Best Defense: When you make a Clubs attack you may discard a Hearts card to use the Card Value of the attack to defend against every attack until the start of your next turn. These defenses are not considered Difficult, but you may not play any other defensive cards and have to use your Clubs card for any defense until your turn. 

Level 7:
-Rage: You may fly into a blinding rage. While enraged you may add +3 to the value of any Clubs cards you play but any non-Clubs actions become Difficult. Rage lasts until all enemies are slain, but can be ended prematurely by discarding a Diamonds card. 
+Counterattack: When you play a Hearts defense you may immediately make a free attack using Clubs, but the Card Value cannot exceed the value of the Hearts defense. 

Level 8:
-Explosive Attack: When attacking the Warrior may discard a Clubs card to make the attack apply against all targets nearby (In Your Face range). 
+Inexhaustible Strength: When you defeat an opponent you may switch a card from your hand with one from your discard pile. 
Level 9:
-Unstoppable Force: When your opponent is defending with Hearts then you may discard a Clubs card to cut their Card Value in half. 
+Immovable Object: When your opponent is attacking with Clubs you may discard a card to defend using Clubs without the attempt being Difficult

Level 10:
-Battle Instinct: When playing a non-Clubs card you may discard a Clubs card to treat it as a Clubs card of the same Card Value. 
+Unyielding Tower: You now have two Favored Suits: Hearts and Clubs. 

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