Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Party PDQ pt 2: Heroquest-PDQ

So, while I was working on the party-game version of PDQ from the last post I ran across the old Heroquest boardgame while looking for inspiration. Well, I remembered playing Heroquest as a kid, even before I started playing RPGs and the thick veil of nostalgia ensured that I would be looking no further.

So, I tracked down an online version of the board with high enough resolution to load into Maptools, downloaded a pdf of some of the heroquest "quests", set up the map and created some suitable heroes for my players to choose from and I figured I would share them. 

A few things (like the names of homelands) are taken from the Questers of the Middle Realms setting, and it inspired the very simple magic system. Essentially every type of magic is quite broad and lets the character pull off a lot of extra tricks but it's reduced by one Rank (starting at Average rather than Good), with the option to "burn" a Heroism point in order to pull off big, impressive magical feats like setting a whole room on fire or saving the life of a nearly dead character.