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Friday, September 14, 2012

I Thought of It First VI: Chess, The Movie

Long time no post, huh? Been a bit busy unfortunately. 

This iteration of ITOIF (okay...that acronym doesn't work) is brought to you buy the truly unfortunate "board game movie" trend. We've already got the ridiculously terrible Battleship movie and several more theoretically on the way (we've got candyland, ouija and monopoly among others) and Real Steel the unofficial "rock'em sock'em robots" movie (we all know that's what it is, don't pretend otherwise).

Well, discussion on this led to an idea, which spiraled a bit out of control (it was 2 am) and now I have a prediction for how the plot of a movie adaptation of Chess would work. 

Of course the most obvious requirement is opposing equal sides in a battle. Lets say you've got two powerful female leaders tied to physically frail but influential men. This could be a historical epic, a fantasy setting or even a modern-day gang war. The two sides are stalemated in permanent conflict. 

The main character is a minor player in the battle, one of the "pawns". The story follows her and her "squad" of fellow underlings in a desperate attack on the opposing side. She and her companions manage to make it work through luck and guts but one by one their numbers are whittled down until the main character is the only one left, before she is captured and imprisoned in the enemy's stronghold. At this point it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of one of the leader's of the conflict, escapes and manages to topple the opposing side. 

So there you go, the plot for a chess-based game. Call it "Checkmate" or "Castling" or something to that effect. Is it coherent? Barely. Good? Almost certainly not. Put together in 5 minutes in a burst of questionable inspiration several hours after midnight? Definitely.

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  1. Still a bajillion times better than battleship could ever hope to be...