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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Savage World of Athas: Monsters and Powers

Just puttering around with my Dark Sun conversion and decided to convert and post some of the more iconic monsters of the Dark Sun setting in Savage Worlds form. While I worked on that I noticed a lot of psionic powers/spells which are interesting and should certainly be converted but they don't have an easy Savage Worlds equivalent. So in addition to the monsters there are some new Savage Worlds powers inspired by the process. The powers on the monser entries marked with a * are new and are detailed at the end of the post.


    Giant (15'), 4-armed humanoids. They roam the desert in small bands of hunter-gathers and are often captured for gladiatorial games due to their impressive size, low intellect and unusual fighting abilities. 
Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d6, Strength-d12+3, Vigor-d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, Notice d8, Throwing d6, Survival d6
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10
Gear: May carry clubs (str +d6) or large two-handed spears (str + d8) of bone. Some (especially those in arenas) will be equipped with crude leather armor (+1 Armor).
Special Abilities: 
  • Size +4
  • Multiple Arms: B'rohg's have two "dominant" hands (their topmost pair) and they reduce any penalties for multiple attacks (not other actions) with their limbs by 2. So a B'rogh attacking with two clubs in their top hands suffer no penalties to attack with both. If it also attacked with a spear in its lower pair then they'd suffer -2 to the first two attacks and -4 to the spear attack.

  Drakes are gigantic, semi-intelligent reptilian creatures who possess both strong psionic ability and a connection to one of the four elemental planes.

Drake, Air (WC)
  Air drakes are the only drakes capable of flight using wing-flaps that stretch between their legs and the aid of psionic levitation. When battling exceptionally tough opponents the Drake may grab them and fly upwards to drop them from great heights.

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d12, Strength-1d12+5, Vigor 1d12
Skills: Fighting-d10, Intimidation d12, Notice-d6, Psionics-d10
Pace: 5 ; Parry: 7; Toughness: 16 (3) 
Special Abilities:
  • Size +5: Air Drakes are over 25' long but quite slender.
  • Large
  • Armor +3: Leathery Hide
  • Hardy
  • Claws/Bite: Str + d8
  • Tail Lash: The Air drake can sweep it's tail targeting all opponents in a rectangle behind itself (3"x6"). This is a Fighting attack that inflicts Str-2 damage. to all it hits.
  • Flight: The Air Drake can fly at a pace of 24" with a Climb of 1.
  • Improved Frenzy: The Air Drake can make two Fighting attacks at no penalty. 
  • Quick: Air Drakes have exceptional reflexes and may discard any initiative card of 5 or lower and redraw.
  • Psionics: Air Drakes have 35 Power Points and typically know the powers Telekinesis, Control Wind*, Illusion*, Invisibility (telepathic trappings), Fear.
  • Elemental Gate: The Air Drake can summon a 50" diameter bubble of intense wind centered on itself. The winds will inflict 2d8 damage and anyone shaken by the force is flung 1d6" in a random direction (fliers are flung 2d6" inches and must make an Agility roll at -4 or fall). If the bubble is created on the ground with lots of light debris or particles (such as the open desert) then it creates a sandstorm, increasing the damage to 3d6 lethal damage. This effect lasts only 1 round and the drake must wait 2d6 days until they can use it again.
Drake, Earth (WC)
   The largest of the drakes and by far the strongest. Their craggy natural armor makes them look like nothing so much as a rock outcropping when they stay still. They're extremely ornery and especially enjoy engaging in battle with other humongous creatures.
Attributes: Agility-d4, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d12, Strength-d12+10, Vigor-d12+1
Skills: Fighting-d10, Intimidation-d12, Notice-d8, Psionics-d10
Pace: 6; Parry: 7 ; Toughness: 21 (5)   
Special Abilities:
  • Size +8: Earth Drakes are over 30' long and extremely stocky.
  • Huge
  • Armor +5: Rocky Hide. 
  • Claw/Bite: Str +d10
  • Hardy
  • Burrow: The drake can tunnel through earth and sand at a Pace of 4" or through stone at a pace of 2"
  • Improved Frenzy: The earth drake can make two Fighting attacks a round at no penalty.
  • Psionics: Earth Drakes have 35 PP and the following powers: Telekinesis, Detonate*, Molecular Manipulation*, Boost Trait (self only), Fear, Growth/Shrink (self only), Illusion,
  • Elemental Gate: The Earth Drake can open a gate to the elemental plane of earth causing a mass of dirt, stone and sand to rise from the ground. This can fill a Large Burst Template with rock and dirt. Anyone within the area must make an Agility roll at -2 to be thrown clear, otherwise they are trapped by the growing mass of earth. Trapped characters suffer 1d8 damage a round and must succeed at a Strength -4 roll to escape. The Drake must wait 2d6 days before it can use this ability again. the material gated in is permanent.
Fire Drake
  Fire Drakes are the only drakes that seem to be not simply territorial and aggressive but actively malicious. They seem to delight in tormenting prey before killing and devouring them. 
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d12, Strength-d12+8, Vigor-d12
Skills: Fighting-d10, Intimidation-d12, Notice-d8, Psionics-d10
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness:19 (4)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +7: The Fire Drake is over 25" long.
  • Large
  • Armor +4: Thick scales
  • Immunity: The Fire Drake is completely immune to fire damage.
  • Hardy
  • Claw/Bite: Str + d8
  • Tail Lash: The Air drake can sweep it's tail targeting all opponents in a rectangle behind itself (3"x6"). This is a Fighting attack that inflicts Str-2 damage. to all it hits.
  • Improved Frenzy: The fire drake may make two Fighting attacks a round at no penalty. 
  • Psionics: Earth Drakes have 35 PP and the following powers: Telekinesis, Elemental Manipulation (fire), Light, Ignite, Stun (pain projection), Puppet, Illusion, Boost Pain*, Insubstantiality
  • Elemental Gate: The Fire Drake can summon raw elemental fire, filling a Large Burst Template for 2d6 rounds and inflicting 3d10 damage to anyone inside. The drake must wait 2d6 days to use this ability again. 
 Drake, Water (WC)
   The rarest of all the athasian drakes. Water drakes are amphibious and prefer to live (and fight if need be) in water. They're fiercely protective of any body of water large enough for them to live in and will ferociously any intruders.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d12, Strength-d12+7, Vigor-d12
Skills: Fighting-d10, Intimidation-d12, Notice-d8, Psionics-d10, Swimming-d12
Pace: 6 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness:17 (4)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +6: Water Drakes are over 25' long and quite slender. 
  • Large
  • Claw/Bite: Str + d8.
  • Armor +4: Tough, rubbery hide. 
  • Aquatic
  • Hardy
  • Level Headed: The drake draws two cards every turn and acts on the best initiative. 
  • Splash: When swimming in a large body of water the drake can thrash it's body and tail to create a powerful wave. The wave covers a 5" semi-circle centered on the Drake and traveling in whichever direction it chooses. Those in the wave must make a Strength roll at -2 (-4 if swimming) or be knocked back 1d4" and Shaken. The wave will only travel 1" onto land.
  • Psionics: Water Drakes have 35 power points and know the following powers: Projection*, Telekinesis, Invisibility (telepathic), Teleport, Contact*, Stun (telepathic), Healing (Self Only), Drain Power Points (psionic only).
  • Elemental Gate: The water drake can gate in a huge mass of elemental water which manifests as a large wave (filling a 10" diameter sphere) which requires everyone in the area make a Strength roll at -4 or be knocked down, pushed back 1d8" and Shaken. If the water is gated into an existing body of water then the wave increases to 15" diameter and the strength roll is at -6.
  Large flightless birds used as mounts or beasts of burden. These stats are for the heavier, riding crodlu. More muscular battle-trained versions have a Strength of d12+1 and a Fighting score of d8, but they're slower with a Pace of 10.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d4 (a), Spirit-d6, Strength-d12, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d4, Notice-d6
Pace: 12 ; Parry: 4 ; Toughness: 6
Special Abilities:
  •  Size +2
  • Kick: Str +1d4
  • Fleet Footed: Erdlu roll a d8 when running instead of d6.
Crystal Spider
   The crystal spider spins webs of razor-sharp glass. These creatures are extremely deadly but quite beautiful and often hunted for it's webbing and the gemstones it collects.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d6 (A), Spirit-d6, Strength-d10, Vigor-d6
Skills: Climbing-d12, Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d10, Notice-d8, Stealth-d6
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 7 (2)
Special Abilities:
  • Bite: Str +1d4
  • Poison: The bite of the spider causes long-lasting paralysis. Victims who fail their Vigor roll (at -2) are paralyzed for 2d6 minutes. 
  • Psionics: Crystal spiders have 10 Power Points and the following powers: Bolt (light beam), Light, Obscure, Armor (force field).
Giant, Beasthead

  These giants inhabit small islands in the shallower parts of the silt sea. They are smaller than other giants and rather than humanoid heads they posses the heads of wild animals such as eagles, boars, tigers or goats. They also have natural psionic abilities. 
Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d8, Strength-d12+3, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d8, Notice-d8, Throwing-d6, Psionics-d8
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 11
Special Abilities:
  • Size +4: Between 15-20 feet tall. 
  • Bite: With their animal head, Str+1d6
  • Sweep: The beasthead may make an attack against all creatures within reach at a -2 penalty. 
  • Psionics: Beasthead giants have 15 Power Points and the following powers: Projection*, Boost Trait (Self Only), Stun (telepathic).
  Hej-Kin are small, ugly humanoids who inhabit subterranean caverns underground. They've developed a unique psionic ability that allows them to phase through the ground or through solid rock.

Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d6, Spirit-d6, Strength-d4, Vigor-d6
Skills: Climb-d6, Fighting-d6, Notice-d6, Stealth-d8, Survival-d6, Psionics-d6
Pace: 5 ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 4
Special Abilities:
  •  Size-1
  • Claws: Str
  • Infravision: Hej-kin halve all penalties for darkness.
  • Burrow 2"
  • Psionics: Hej-kin have 5 Power Points and the following powers: Contact*, Armor (toughned skin). 
Id Fiend
   The Id Fiend is a large, reptilian psionic predator that resembles a giant gila monster. They especially favor using their Fear and Stun powers to soften up prey before attacking.

Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d8, Spirit-d8, Strength-d12, Vigor-d8
Skills: Climbing-d8, Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d12, Notice-d8, Psionics-d10
Pace: 6 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 10 (2)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +2
  • Bite: Str +1d6
  • Armor +2: Tough scales.
  • Psionics: The Id Fiend has 15 Power Points and the following powers: Detect Psionics, Armor (self-only, hardened skin), Boost Pain*, Boost Trait (Self Only), Fear, Stun (telepathic pain), Contact*.
  These are the most common beasts of burden in athas. They also produce sweet "kank honey" which is a common ingredient in food and beverages. Soldier kanks are larger (size +3) Stronger (d12+1) and have a d8 in Fighting.

Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d4 (A), Spirit-d6, Strength-d12, Vigor-d10
Skills: Climb-d4, Fighting-d4, Notice-d6 
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 4 ; Toughness: 8 (1)
Special Abilities:
  • Size+2
  • Manibles: Str +d4.
  The Kirre is another dangerous, psionic predator. They resemble eight-legged great cats but with a pair of curving horns and a tail studded with barbed spikes.

Attributes: Agility-d10, Smarts-d6 (A), Spirit-d10, Strength-d10, Vigor-d8
Skills: Climb-d8, Fighting-d8, Notice-d10, Stealth-d6
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 8
Special Abilities:
  •  Size+2
  • Claws/Bite/Tail: Str+d6
  • Improved Frenzy: Kirre may make two Fighting attacks a round at no penalty. 
  • Low Light Vision: Kirre ignore penalties for dim and dark lighting. 
  • Quick: Kirre may discard and redraw any initiative cards less than 5. 
  • Psionics: Kirre have 15 PP and the following powers: Bolt (Telekinetic force), Fear, Harden/Soften*.

Megapede (WC) 
  Colossal desert centipedes with (of course) psionic powers. These creatures are immense (100-150') and capable of demolishing entire cities unless turned aside by overwhelming numbers or power. Fortunately they are not malicious, fighting only for food or when provoked.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d4(A), Spirit-d8, Strength-d12+8, Vigor-d10
Skills: Climb-d8, Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d10, Notice-d6, Psionics-d8
Pace: 6 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 22 (3)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +12 
  • Armor +3: Thick Hide
  • Gargantuan
  • Hardy
  • Bite: Str +2d6. 
  • Psionics: Megapedes have 40 Power Points and the following powers: Detonate*, Disintegrate*, Bolt (Telekinetic force), Harden/Soften*, Stun (mental blast), Shrink (self only), Armor (Toughened skin, self only).
Nightmare Beast (WC)
  As the name implies these creatures are true terrors of the desert. In addition to their immense size, strength and psionic ability they also possess an array of powerful magical abilities.
Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d6, Spirit-d12, Strength-d12+8, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d10, Notice-d8, Psionics-d10, Spellcasting-d10
Pace: 6 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness: 18 (4)
Special Abilities:
  • Size+7: 20' tall and 30' long.
  • Armor +4: Tough, scaly hide. 
  • Large
  • Tusks/Claws: Str + d8
  • Arcane Resistance: +2 Armor and +2 to resist magical or elemental powers. 
  • Resistant To Non-magical Weapons: Nightmare beasts suffer only half damage from mundane (i.e. non-magical) attacks or weapons. 
  • Fear -4 All who see the nightmare beast must make a fear check at -4. Those who fail suffer constant nightmares, suffering a level of fatigue due to sleeplessness. This fatigue will not recover until 2d6 weeks pass or the nightmare beast is slain. 
  • Psionics: The Nightmare Beast has 30 psionic power points and the following powers: Disintegrate*, Bolt (hurled objects), Ignite, Soften/Harden*, Teleport, Fear, Contact*
  • Magic: The Nightmare Beast has 35 magical power points (it uses it's spells like a defiler) and the powers: Blast (fireball), Burst (spray of lightning), Bolt (lightning), Dispel, Barrier (fiery wall), Deadly Cloud (2 versions...fire and poison)*

Pyreen (WC)
  The Pyreen are among the noblest inhabitants of athas. Incredibly long lived and powerful they are locked in a seemingly hopeless struggle to restore the world. Their natural form resembles a blend of all the humanoid races: elf, dwarf, human and halfling but they are exceptional shapechangers and rarely appear in their natural shape.
Attributes: Agility-d10, Smarts-d12, Spirit-d12, Strength-d10, Vigor-d10
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting-d8, Notice-d10, Persuasion-d10, Stealth-d10, Survival-d12, Throwing-d8, Tracking d8, Psionics-d12, Spellcasting-d12
Charisma: +2, Pace: 6 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 9 (2)
Edges: Attractive, Level Headed, Woodsman
Gear: Cloak of protection (+2), enchanted metal dagger (+1 Fighting, Str+1d4+2).
Special Abilities:
  • Defender of the Land: Pyreens have massive "guarded lands", such as an entire mountain range or rain forest. While within these territories (and they almost always are) the Pyreen receives a +2 to all Notice, Stealth, Survival and Tracking rolls. Unlike other elementalists Pyreen are not limited to a single element and may select any Powers and Trappings that suit their guarded lands. 
  • Expert Shapeshifter: The Pyreen do not have to pay maintenance costs for the spells Shapechange or Disguise, only the cost to activate those spells. 
  • Arcane Resistance: +2 armor against magic and psionics, and +2 to resist magical and psionic effects. This does not hinder helpful spells. 
  • Psionics: Pyreen have 35 psionic power points and the powers: Healing, Invisibility (chameleon effect), Boost Trait (self only), Contact*, Projection*, Stun (psychic blast). 
  • Elementalism: The Pyreen have 35 elementalist power points and usually have the powers of Entangle, Summon Ally, Shapechange, Disguise, Beast Friend and any of the standard elementalist powers appropriate to their guarded territory. 
Rampager (WC)
   The Rampager is a monster that seems to exist only for mindless destruction, especially the destruction of anything manufactured or constructed. The rampager stomps about on four elephantine legs and attacks with a pair of razor-sharp claws and deadly fangs. Rampagers are nocturnal, only attacking at night. Unless engaged in battle the rampager will simply attack the largest artificial structure or object in sight until everything is laid to waste.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d10, Strength-d12+2, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d10, Intimidation-d12, Notice-d4
Pace: 9 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness: 15 (4)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +4: The rampager is about 15' long. 
  • Large
  • Armor +4: Incredibly hard scales.
  • Fear -2: Anyone who sees the rampager must make a spirit roll at -2 to avoid a fear check. 
  • Claws/Bite: Str+d8
  • Acidic Secretion: The rampager's claws secrete acid (+2 damage, +4 to inanimate objects). 
  • Arcane Resistance: The rampager has +2 armor against magical attacks and +2 to resist magical effects. 
Razor Wing 
  These are predators of the silt sea which lurk just underneath the silt waiting for prey. When attacking they use blindingly fast psionically powered flight to attack with their sharp-edged wings.
Attributes: Agility-d10, Smarts-d6 (A), Spirit-d6, Strength-d6, Vigor-d6
Skills: Fighting-d6, Notice-d10, Stealth-d10
Pace: 3 ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 5
Special Abilities:
  • Flight: Razor Wings fly at a Pace of 12" and have a Climb of 1. However this flight is psionically powered and if it is Dispelled (requiring only a successful power roll) then they are reduced to gliding at a Pace of 6" and Climb of -2.
  • Razor-Wings: Str +d6
  • Charge: Razor wings can put on a burst of great speed (adding 1d6" to it's Pace) and attack with a +2 bonus to attack and damage. This inflicts a -2 penalty to their Parry until their next turn however. 
Sand Bride
  Sand Brides are evil beings or corrupt nature spirits who lure living creatures to them with illusions to drain their life force. Although they normally appear to be beautiful humanoids they are actually made completely of sand. They lure their prey by using their power of illusion to create a false oasis and wait until their victim drinks to strike. They prefer to target those who are clearly in desperate need of water and will not question their good fortune...the sand bride is not actually adept at deception or persuasion and will simply try and encourage it's prey to have a drink.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d6, Spirit-d8, Strength-d6, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d8, Notice-d8, Persuasion-d4, Stealth-d8, Taunt-d8
Pace: 6 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities:
  • Sand Form: The sand bride takes half damage from normal weaponry due to its sandy body simply flowing around the weapon. However, it is vulnerable to water...a gallon of water splashed on it inflicts 1d6 damage. 
  • Burrow: The sand bride can burrow at a Pace of 6"
  • Energy Drain: A sand bride's attacks inflict 2d6 damage by draining life force. This only requires a touch attack and ignores armor. 
  • Illusion: The sand bride can disguise itself as an attractive (+2 charisma) humanoid and once a day they may cloak an area up to 15" in diameter, making it appear to be a small oasis surrounding a pool of water. The illusion is extremely convincing (-4 to Notice rolls to see through it without careful examination) and even someone scooping up a handful of water must succeed at a Notice roll to realize that they are holding only sand (anyone attempting to drink sand is automatically Shaken). 
Sand Mother (WC)
   Sand Mothers are exceptionally powerful and cunning versions of sand brides. The exact relationship between the two is unknown but Sand Mothers are far more dangerous. They choose the sites of their false oasis very carefully and usually know the location of several pitfalls or hazards that are concealed by the illusion. They're also better at concealing their intentions and wait until their victims are most vulnerable to attack.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d8, Spirit-d10, Strength-d8, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d10, Notice-d8, Persuasion-d10, Stealth-d8, Taunt-d8
Pace: 10 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities:
  • Sand Form: The sand mother takes half damage from normal weaponry due to its sandy body simply flowing around the weapon. Sand Mothers are not vulnerable to water.
  • Burrow: The Sand Mother can burrow with a Pace of 6"
  • Energy Drain: A sand mother attacks inflict 2d8 damage by draining life force. This only requires a touch attack and ignores armor. 
  • Illusion: The sand mother chooses to disguise themselves as older (usually female) humaniods and present a caring, matronly attitude. Once a day they may cloak an area up to 20" in diameter, making it appear to be a small oasis surrounding a pool of water. The illusion is extremely convincing (-4 to Notice rolls to see through it without careful examination) and even someone scooping up a handful of water must succeed at a Notice roll to realize that they are holding only sand (anyone attempting to drink sand is automatically Shaken). 
  • Water To Sand: The sand mother can transform up to 6 gallons of water to sand. They often use this on groups that look low on water, forcing them to seek out its false oasis. 
  Scrabs are nasty, predatory insect-men with well-developed psionic abilities. They are extremely adept at working together and live in large hives ruled over by powerful "nest mothers". 
Attributes: Agility-d6, Smarts-d8, Spirit-d8, Strength-d6, Vigor-d6
Skills: Climb-d6, Fighting-d8, Notice-d6, Stealth-d6, Psionics-d8
Pace: 8 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 5 (1)
Special Abilities:
  •  Size-1
  • Armor +1: Tough shell
  • Claws: Str
  • Camouflage: For 1 PP scrabs can activate a chameleon effect that grants +2 to stealth for 15 minutes. 
  • Psionics: Scrabs have 10 PP each and the powers: Boost Trait (Self only), Stun (inflicting telepathic pain), Contact*.
Scrab, Nest Mother (WC)
  The nest mother is a huge, bloated scrab who leads the entire hive. In addition to her greater size she possesses improved psionic abilities.

Attributes: Agility-d4, Smarts-d10, Spirit-d12, Strength-d10, Vigor-d8
Skills: Fighting-d6, Notice-d8, Psionics-d12
Pace: 3 ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 9 (1)
Special Abilities:
  • Size +2: Nest Mothers are about 8' long. 
  • Armor +1: Tough shell.
  • Pincers: Str +d4
  • Psionics: Nest mothers have 30 PP and the following powers: Boost Trait (scrabs only), Stun (inflicting telepathic pain), Contact*, Armor (hardened flesh), Projection*, Detect Psionics, Healing (scrabs only).
Silt Horror
  Gigantic monsters that "swim" in the sea of silt. These beasts attack those on the surface with their many, long tentacles and attempt to pull them down to be devoured. There are several different colors and subspecies of silt horror, some larger and some smaller. This is an "average" specimen.
Attributes: Agility-d4, Smarts-d4 (A), Spirit-d8, Strength-d12+4, Vigor-d8
Skills: Fighting-d8, Notice-d10, Swimming-d10
Pace: 2 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 15
Special Abilities:
  • Size +9: 50' long tentacles, 20' long body.
  • Jet: If it feels threatened the horror can use a jet of compressed air to push itself at a Pace of 15" for 1d6 rounds. This produces a huge cloud of dust on the surface the size of a Large Burst Template (completely blinding anyone within) for 1d4 rounds. 
  • Tentacles: The horror's tentacles are the only parts of it anyone is likely to see as the horror itself lurks deep below the surface of the silt. Each of its 10 tentacles can attack independently (inflicting Str in damage). Attacks on the tentacle do not harm the horror directly, instead treat each tentacle as an Extra with a Toughness of 6. If a tentacle is Incapacitated it is severed. It is still possible to target the horror with spells or other effects through its tentacles (so a mage's Bolt power would fry a tentacle without harming the horror, but a spell like Lower Trait would affect the beast as a whole, as would poison or similar effects).
 Silt Runner
  Silt Runners are short reptilian humanoids who possess incredible sprinting speed that allows them to run across the surface of silt for short periods. They use their great speed to conduct lightning fast raids on travelers or small settlements. They are cautious however and will almost never attack unless they outnumber their opponents.
Attributes: Agility-d10, Smarts-d4, Spirit-d6, Strength-d4, Vigor-d6
Skills: Climb-d6, Fighting-d6, Notice-d8, Stealth-d6, Shooting-d6, Throwing-d6
Pace: 16" ; Parry: 5 ; Toughness: 6 (2)
Gear: club (str +1d4), bone spear (strength +1d6), blowgun (1d6 damage).
Special Abilities:
  •  Size -1
  • Armor +2: Hard Scales
  • Claws: Str
  • Dash: Silt Runners roll a d10 for their running dice rather than d6. While running they can sprint across the surface of silt so long as they do not roll a 1 on their running dice.
 Athasian Sloth
   The Athasian sloth is a large, forest predator that haunts the jungles of the Forest Ridge. These deadly predators especially love to feed on halflings and will often attack them to the exclusion of all others.
Attributes: Agility-d8, Smarts-d6(A), Spirit-d8, Strength-d10, Vigor-d12
Skills:Climbing d10, Fighting-d10, Notice-d8, Stealth-d10
Pace: 10 ; Parry: 7 ; Toughness: 10
Special Abilities:
  • Size +2
  • Huge Jaws: Str + d8. 
  • Lock Jaw: If the sloth hits with a Raise then they lock their teeth onto their opponent, grappling them automatically. If the Sloth continues to grapple its opponent then it can inflict Str + 1d8 damage each round.
Thrax (WC)
  Thrax are humanoid predators with the ability to drain liquid from the bodies of their victims. They appear to humanoids with pointed ears and long thin fingers that end in lamprey-like suckers. Thrax were once normal humanoids but those who survive Thrax attack have a chance of transforming into one themselves...driven to hunt down others and drain their fluids. 

Attributes: Agility-d10, Smarts-d8, Spirit-d8, Strength-d10, Vigor-d10
Skills: Fighting-d8, Intimidate-d8, Notice-d8, Stealth-d10, Tracking-d8
Pace: 10 ; Parry: 6 ; Toughness: 7 
Special Abilities:
  •  Water Drain: If a Thrax has grappled a victim (or lays its hands on a helpless target) they can begin to drain water from their bodies. Every round the victim must make a Vigor roll at -2 or suffer a level of Fatigue due to dehydration. Those who survive are tainted by the Thrax's curse and must make a Spirit roll or transform into a Thrax themselves over the course of 2d6 days. This process can only be reversed with a Greater Healing spell. 
  • Psionics: Thrax have 20 power points and the following powers: Intangibility, Lower Trait, Deflection (blur), Boost Pain*

Note: Some of these are new powers, others are simply existing Powers with new Trappings. This is especially true for the Psionic powers. 

Boost Pain (Psionic)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/rnd)
  This power increases the sensitivity of the target's nerves, increasing their pain response. The target may resist with an opposed Vigor roll but on a failure their Toughness is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1) and they suffer a -2 penalty to any rolls made to recover from being Shaken. If the psionicist beats the target's roll with a Raise then their Toughness drops by 2 (minimum of 1) and they suffer a -4 penalty to spirit rolls to recover from Shaken.

Contact (Magic, Elemental, Psionic)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1 + 1/mile
Range: 1 mile + 1 mile per extra PP
Duration: 10 minutes (1/min)
  The caster may make contact with any subject within range to engage in two-way conversation for as long as the duration lasts. If the caster cannot see the subject or has never met them in person then they must have some way to "lock on" to them. Usually a sample of hair/nails/blood or an important personal possession will work or if the caster can unambiguously identify their location (like "the man in the cell next to mine").
  Magic: The trappings could be just about anything...telepathic contact, a floating mouth appearing on a wall, a messenger imp that appears before the subject, etc.
  Elemental: Air: The caster and target's words are carried on the wind as slight whispers. Earth: The caster and target must both possess clear crystals or gemstones which display their faces and transmit their words. Fire and Water: The caster must gaze into a "sample" of his element (such as a candle, campfire or bowl of water) and in order for the spell to work the target must be nearby (3") a similar sample. This method allows anyone standing nearby to hear the transmitted words.
  Psionic: Attempting to contact someone you can't see inflicts a -2 penalty to the Psionics roll and requires that the psionicist have made contact with the subject before. However the psionicist can forge extra contacts at the same time at the cost of 1 PP each or spend 4 PP to simply broadcast to everyone within a Large Burst template. If the target wishes to cut off contact then they may do so with an opposed Spirit roll.

Control Winds (Elemental [air], Magic, Psionic)
Rank: Heroic
Power Points: 10
Range: (Smarts) x 10" radius
Duration: 30 minutes (1/10 minutes)
  This power grants control of the winds in the area around the caster, allowing them control speed and direction. The strength of the winds are limited (no more than a stiff breeze) and all winds must behave in the same way. So the caster could calm winds within the entire area but not calm some parts and excite others...the entire area is affected equally. The exact limitations of the power depend on the circumstances and the decisions of the GM and player but here are some guidelines.
  • Ships can be guided or hindered by the wind (+2/-2 to Boating) and fliers can be hindered (-1 to Climb, if this reduces Climb below -2 then the flier must land or crash. 
  • Clouds of gas, fog or similar can be dispersed (treat as a Dispel directed at the effect if it is the result of a Power) or pushed at the rate of 1d6" a round (gaseous creatures can be pushed around as well). 
  • Places with large amounts of dirt or dust can be stirred up to create a cloud (treat this as Dim Lighting). Likewise an area area full of dust can be calmed to reduce the obscurement by one step. 
   This power will not function underground or anywhere that is not open to the outside (such as inside a windowless room). Any of the above uses of the power require an action to "set" and then the winds will continue to behave in that manner for the rest of the duration or until another action is spent to change their behavior. This power cannot affect powerful windstorms or tornadoes except to mildly reduce their strength (+1 to any rolls made to resist negative effects or to the Toughness of structures to resist damage).
   Psionic: Psionicists must maintain constant focus to keep the winds working as they wish so a Psionicist must spend an action every turn to maintain it or the power will cease.

Deadly Cloud (Elemental, Magic)
Rank: Veteran
Power Points: 3+
Range: Smarts x 2"
Duration: 1 round (1/rnd)
  This power creates a mass of dangerous energy or material (acidic fog, poisonous gases, burning fire, thundercloud, etc) which fills a Medium Burst Template. Anyone entering the area or beginning their turn within suffer 2d6 damage. In addition the cloud blocks vision, creating Dark illumination within the area (-2 to attack rolls).
  For double the power point cost the damage increases to 3d6 or the area increases to a Large Burst template. For triple you get both effects. 

Detonate (Psionics)
  As the Blast power but it works by exciting the molecules of an object until it explodes in a burst of shrapnel and concussive force. The range is (Smarts x 2)" and it is not considered an attack roll (the burst is automatically centered on the object). This inflicts normal damage (2d6 or 3d6) but affects a Small Burst template by default rather than a Medium Burst and can be increased to a Medium Burst for 2 additional Power Points. The targeted object suffers double damage but magical or metal objects are unaffected. If the targeted object is made of soft or flexible materials then it can be destroyed by the power but not harm anyone else.

Disintegrate (Magic, Psionic)
Rank: Heroic
Power Points: 6
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: Instant
  This power causes the victim to dissolve or fall apart. This could take the form of of decay eating away at their flesh or their particles dissolving. The victim must make a Vigor roll opposed by the caster's spellcasting/psionics roll. If the caster wins then the victim suffers a Wound, plus an additional Wound for every raise that the caster achieved on the roll. Against inanimate objects the roll is unopposed.

Harden/Soften (Magic, Elemental [earth], Psionics)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2+
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 (1/rnd)
  The caster may manipulate the structure of an object to strengthen or weaken it. This power affects objects of Size 0 or smaller, each additional Power Point spent increases the Size affected by 1. This power can either increase or decrease the object's Toughness by 2 (4 on a Raise). Hardened "inferior" weapons no longer have a chance of breaking when used in combat but this will not increase their damage, nor affect the bonus granted by armor.

Illusion (Magic, Psionics)
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2+
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 (1/rnd)
  This power creates an illusionary object or creature of no more than Size 0. The illusion can be whatever the caster wishes of an appropriate size and each additional power point spent increases the size of the illusion by 1. It is only possible to create a single, discrete image (so a warrior in armor would be fine but a pack of dogs would not) and the illusion can only move or "act" if the caster spends an action, otherwise the illusion can only perform simple repetitive animations (so an illusionary candle would flicker and the illusion of a sleeping man would appear to breath). If the illusion moves outside of the caster's range it instantly vanishes. Control of the illusion is not precise enough to "layer" it over a moving person or object, although it can be used to cover stationary ones if it is large enough.
  To casual observation the illusion is undetectable but if someone examines it then they may make a Notice roll to realize that something is off. On a Raise they instantly realize they're looking at some sort of phantasm. Minor illusions are purely visual and cannot create sounds, vibrations, scents or a sensation of temperature. 
  Psionics: Psionic illusions exist entirely within the mind and normally targets a single creature. The psionicist can spend an additional PP to affect an extra target within range or spend an additional 2 PP to affect all within a Large Burst Template centered on the psionicist. All targets may make a Spirit roll opposed by the psionicist's Psionics roll to avoid the effect. Since psionic illusions are entirely mental they can appear to any distance from the target but they cannot be perceived by anyone else. Also note that they cannot do things like produce light, so an illusionary candle may appear to make a well-lit room brighter but it cannot shed light into a dark area.

Projection (Magic, Psionic)
Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 3
Range: Special
Duration: 1 minute (1/minute)
   The caster can project their senses from their body in a floating, invisible and intangible "sensor". The sensor fly at 6" a round with a Climb of -2 and may freely pass through solid objects (although some magical barriers may stop it). The caster can see and hear everything around the sensor as though they were there. This requires constant concentration (taking an action every round) and the caster is at a -4 penalty to Notice rolls to sense his immediate surroundings but still has his sense of touch and any pain or significant injury immediately ends the power.

Projection, Greater (Magic, Psionic)
Rank: Legendary
Power Points: 10

Duration: 10 minutes (1/minute)
  As Projection but the caster's entire mind is actually sent out from his body, leaving the body comatose and helpless (the caster cannot sense anything from his original body, including pain or touch). The projection can fly at a rate of 8", Climb 0 and may freely pass through all solid objects. The caster can see and hear everything through his projection. If the caster wishes the projection may "manifest" taking the form of the caster himself and becoming visible (although not tangible). While manifested the caster may speak or use Powers through the projection although they suffer a multi-action penalty since the projection still demands an action every round to maintain. Powers cast through the projection cost double the normal number of power points. The projection is immune to physical harm but since the caster's mind is truly present at that location it may be targeted by purely mental effects or powers. If the caster's body is killed while projecting then they will die (although they might be more likely to leave a ghost behind).

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