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Friday, April 13, 2012

Creepy Stuff

I'm getting ready to run a low-powered Dresden Files game which will hopefully include some good elements of horror and the bizarre. So I've been looking for good resources to spice things up and I figured I'd share what I found.

So if you need something to spark ideas for your own game or if you're just interested in some weird stuff then you should check out some of these places:

Black and WTF

If you haven't heard of this site it's a repository of strange black and white photos which range from the silly to the immensely creepy. Here's some good examples:

The Shadowlands

So long as you don't mind the mid-90's site design this website seems like a pretty useful collection of hauntings and spook stories throughout the US and beyond.


This doesn't have anything specifically to do with creepiness...but if you're running a game that features things like background noise or sound effects then this site is a great resource. Free sound clips of just about everything from gunfire to demonic screams.

Other Resources

Just some other suggestions for places to look for good, interesting material...

First, Mug Shot galleries. First and foremost you're probably not going to find a better collection of clear, diverse headshots out there. If you want to try and figure out what an NPC looks like just browse through any mugshot collection and you're bound to find someone who looks right. And of course they're great for finding people who look slightly crazy, if that's what you need. And since mugshots have been around quite a while you can easily find them for just about any recent decade to help set the mood for your game. Just make sure to trim out the police placard.

Also, find a local university or big college near where you want to set the game and do a quick google search with their name and "rare books collection". Just about every major university has one and they can have some pretty interesting specimens whether you're running a urban fantasy game or call of cthulhu.

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