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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Puttering Along

Not much activity this month. Been working on DICE of course but along with that I've been occupied with helping NJ out with some medical issues and of course thanksgiving...which really only involved baking a wondrous cheese-bread-hybrid and going to a friend's house to watch stand-up. Deus Ex has got its claws on me as well. Damn you black-friday Steam sales!

Sadly I haven't been able to play much actual RPGs this month or the month before. I've done a couple of sessions of character creation and playtesting for Battle Royale but unfortunately actual gaming has been pretty dry. Next month looks pretty dry too as the friend who hosts our games is moving to a new place and working on the weekends. Very sad but I shall be strong. 

As far as NaGaDeMo goes I've got 3 or so days left and still plenty of DICE left to write. Whether or not I make the deadline I definitely intend to complete this thing soon. Lots of interesting ideas have bubbled up and I'm struggling not only to get things down on "paper" but also to keep from altering things too much right from the get-go.

Ah well. November and December aren't my best months. They're looking to be slow RPG-wise and full of distractions and unfortunately I live too far from my family to visit with them. But mostly it's just so damn gray. Weather here is hatefully gray during this time of year and the rain is annoying and drizzly. So I guess that's more motivation to stay inside and write.

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