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Saturday, November 12, 2011


So my November RPG design idea already exists: http://nathanrussell.net/naga-demon/. So I'll definitely be taking part. Still doing some work on DICE. So far I've got a basic outline complete.


-defining terms
-what you need
-Ideas for play.

Chapter 1: Rolling Up Your Dice

-How Many Sides Do You Have?
-Dice Color (hero archetypes/personality)
-What Can Your Dice Do?
-Skills and Tricks

Chapter 2: Trappings

-Gear (rated in dice as well, based on specialization)
-Magical Gear

Chapter 3: How To Play

-Types of Tasks
-Task Examples
-Attacking and Defending
-Wounds and Defeat
-Situational Modifiers

Chapter 4: Critters and Challenges

-d4s: The little yappy ones
-d6s: common threats
-d8s: beasts and brutes
-d10s: mystic monsters
-d12s: the big ones
-d20s: epic threats
-d100s: godly challenges
-d3's: from beyond.
-traps and environmental hazards.

Chapter 5: Advancement
-Experience and leveling up
-Other rewards

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