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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few things

Just some random things here and there.

First, I've got a new Order of Magnitude recording edited and online. I've also decided to move the Order's stories to a separate blog. The new recording and all the previous ones can now be found at http://the-order-of-magnitude.blogspot.com/

Also, for any readers out there who're users of Woot, my wife NJ has a shirt up in their current t-shirt competition and she could use some votes. You can check it out and vote for it here. C'mon and vote, unless you hate my wife. You don't hate my wife do you?

I've also started work on the PDQ conversion of Modiphious' Heroes Of The Sea, the sequel to Zero Point. Zero Point included a new version of PDQ designed for gritty horror which will be used for Heroes Of The Sea, along with a new magic system designed for harnessing the powers of the Mythos.

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