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Sunday, August 12, 2012

PDQ Week Wrap-Up

So, I thought I covered just about every PDQ product out there, but it turns out I missed one: Adventure Into Darkness. It's a sourcebook for "Lovecraftian Comic Books" using the Truth and Justice system. Unfortunately I'm not able to give my usual summary/pitch for it because I only found out it existed yesterday!

Who knows maybe there's more PDQ products out there that I've missed, I'll look forward to finding out and possibly having a PDQ Week 2 sometime. In the meanwhile I'm working on my own PDQ books, not just Battle Royale but also a set of rules for playing horror games in PDQ. I'll keep you updated as they progress. 


  1. Thanks for all the cool tips boss, and here's my own little way of paying you back since you mentioned "Lovecraftian Comic Books". I have this myself, and think it's pretty strong...


  2. A cthulhu mythos comic by Alan Moore? That IS intriguing, I shall have to check that out.