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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Savaged Beholder

A few months back I decided to pit the Order of Magnitude against a classic D&D monster: a Beholder. Of course, by this time I had switched over to Savage Worlds, so I needed some appropriate stats.

Oh, speaking of which I'm actually editing and updating the Order's recorded adventures semi-regularly now. If you're interested I've moved them to a second website: http://the-order-of-magnitude.blogspot.com/

So, I checked the internet and unfortunately there's a lack of good Savage Worlds beholder stats, so I took it upon myself to create some. Perhaps for legal reasons I should refer to this as the "spherical, laser eye-beast"

Spherical Laser Eye-Beast (Wild Card)

Beholders (WC)
Agility-d6, Smarts-d10, Spirit-d8, Strength-d10, Vigor-d10

Skills: Fighting-d8, Intimidation-d10, Shooting-d12, Notice d12+1
Parry: 6, Pace: 5" Flying; Toughness: 12 (3)

Size +2
Armor +3
Anti-Magic Eye: The beholder's large central eye projects a cone of anti-magic which prevents all spellcasting, automatically dispels existing spells and causes all magical items and constructs to stop functioning until removed from the area. This includes the beholder's eye beams.
Level-Headed: Beholders draw two cards and act on the best. 
Eye Beams: The beholder has 10 eye beams, all of which have a range of 6/12/24. Only 4 beams can be directed at a single target. If the Beholder hits with a raise the victim suffers a -2 to resist the power.

  • Puppet: As the Power, 10 minute duration. 
  • Telekinesis: As the power, lasts indefinitely so long as the eye remains focused on the target.
  • Sleep: Make a Spirit roll or fall unconscious. Lasts 10 minutes or until forcibly awoken.
  • Flesh To Stone: Resisted with Vigor, if the target fails make a hit location. Torso or head hits inflict complete petrification, limbs hit will only petrify the body part (making it unusable).
  • Disintegrate: Inflicts 1d10 damage, plus 1d10 for every raise on the shooting roll. Ignores armor and anyone Incapacitated is turned to dust without a chance to make an Incapacitation roll.
  • Fear: As the Power.
  • Slow: As Sluggish Reflexes.
  • Pain Beam: Inflicts 3d6 damage, 4d6 on a Raise. 
  • Death: Target must make a Vigor roll or become Incapacitated (rolling Vigor again to see if they survive). 
  • Paralyze: The target must make a Spirit roll become Paralyzed for 5 turns.

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