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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RPG Wishlist

There are a lot of great RPGs out there...but not nearly enough! Here are a couple of games that I would buy the moment I saw them...but who knows if they'll ever exist. But in my mind this is what they would look like.

The Enchiridion
   The Enchiridion: The Hero's Manual or, in other words, Adventure Time! the RPG. Why make it the Enchiridion instead of a book cover with Fin and Jake bro-knuckling on top of a mound of their foes? Well, first because the Enchiridion cover makes a kick-ass looking RPG cover and second because the point of the game is to make your own hero. Sure, Finn and Jake are incredible but the goal should be creating your own crazy-awesome hero and their shadows are just too mighty to stand in all the time. The bulk of the book should involve detailing the known Lands of Ooo, the most awesome post-apocolyptic world out there.

The System: Well...really this doesn't matter too much. Just about anything that allows flexible, creative solutions to problems. PDQ would be great obviously, or something like my own still-in-progress DRIVE system. Heck, this might be a perfect fit for Donjon as well. Nothing point-buy based or class-based however. Adventure Time is too crazy awesome to be held down by such things.

Brutal Legend
  I mean seriously...who wouldn't want a Brutal Legend RPG? This stuff is gold! Just like adventure time half the appeal is fleshing out the intriguing, huge and mysterious world that the video game created and meeting the weird inhabitants...then shredding them with lightning bolts and flaming zeppelins from the sky!! The world of Metal is an insane adventure waiting to happen.

The System: This is a hard one. Ever since I finished Brutal Legend I've been trying to decide on the right system to run it for the inevitable tabletop game. This is one system where PDQ seems too light for me. Oddly one of the best options I've found is 4th edition D&D...just reskin the mystical classes (warlock=guitarist, cleric=singer, wizard=stage effects) and you're pretty good to go. However, I think Savage Worlds probably falls into the "just right" range for me. And it doesn't get much more Savage than the world of Metal.

So, you hear me Pendleton Ward and Tim Schafer...you hear me!! (probably not)

Well...if you do, then jump on kickstarter or write up a proposal and get this stuff made! And while I'm shouting unreasonable demands into the black void of the internet then also hire me to make them!

There. Ranting done. Anyone else got any RPG wishlists they'd like to share?

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