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Saturday, January 14, 2012

things from the internet

I firmly believe having a minimal readership should never prevent you from sharing the love with other cool sites on the internet. So here are some cool, nerdy things.

Awesome Dice It's a blog about....well about dice obviously. They've got their own dice store and some interesting posts about dice, dice-making and even a technique for making chocolate dice (something I've wanted to find for quite a while).

 World Works I really like playing with minis and terrain but it's ungodly expensive to buy or make the "real" stuff. World Works has some insanely high quality plans for paper-craft terrain, minis and buildings. Their stuff is probably the highest quality I've seen and while putting papercraft terrain together is hardly instantaneous it's a heck of a lot easier than normal terrain modeling. And if, like me, you work on a computer and headset all day it gives you a good, mindless task to do with your hands. Another great papercraft site is http://onemonk.com/

Also some good webcomics I discovered just the other day:


don't worry, it's an evil giant seal

It's just as great as it looks.

Rusty and Co.

A very fun D&D-themed comic, which includes a recipe for your very own badger-gun.

click for full size...or you know go to the website and read the comic.

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