Friday, March 21, 2014

What's been going on

So, I've made a lot of posts talking about how I'm going to be trying to post more often, get back into the swing of things, etc. And then follows months or so of silence.

The reason is fairly depressing unfortunately. My wife, NJ, has been struggling for the past three years with a chronic pain condition. This has left her in extreme pain pretty much constantly, with painkillers and muscle relaxes reducing it to "moderate" pain at best. Sometimes we manage to find a new procedure or prescription that seems to be helping and for a week or two she's doing better and we both start to get optimistic. However, after a week or two it seems like things inevitably degrade and the pain returns. Thankfully she is in less pain now than the year before but that's mostly because she's on more medication and we're still not finding any long term solution.

I'm bringing this up now because I'm trying to find any help to help relieve some of the financial burden we're going through right now. Fortunately we have managed to keep up with most of our medical bills in the last couple of years, but as we've run dry on options things have been getting more expensive and during a winter storm a few weeks ago we lost our car to a seized engine. We managed to secure a cheap, 15 year old car to keep us going but this cost us the money from our 2013 tax refund which we were hoping to use for some of her recent medical bills. At the moment we may not be able to keep up with them and since nothing has worked so far, things will only get more expensive.

So, I've started a fundraiser on giveforward:

We're hoping to raise some money to help pay these bills and hopefully afford the possible surgical solutions that will help to turn NJ's life around. Think of it as a kickstarter for my wife's life and sanity.

I know there's a lot of people out there with greater problems, but any help is greatly appreciated and even if you can't donate, spreading the word to anyone who you think might be able to would also be extremely appreciated.